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September 10, 2021

How Do You Relieve Back Pain?

The spine and back muscles support a lot of the body’s weight, and we use these muscles to perform several everyday movements. Nagging back pain can be debilitating and interfere with your daily life. When you find that you are unable to move without experiencing discomfort, finding ways to relieve your pain should become a priority. At Park Physical Therapy, we will thoroughly evaluate your symptoms to find the best treatment to help prevent back pain from interrupting your life. If you are looking to find ways to relieve your back pain, continue reading below.  Relieving Back Pain  If you […]
August 12, 2021

How Do You Know If You Have TMJ?

Do you have nagging pain and soreness in your jaw or around your face? It may have something to do with your jaw, specifically the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). While you may not think of these joints often, you use them all the time when you talk, swallow, or chew. At Park Physical Therapy, we offer physical therapy to help patients treat this condition and restore the natural movement of the jaw. Continue reading to learn some of the signs of TMJ.  What is TMJ Disorder? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) allows jaw movement and the ability to open and close the […]
July 8, 2021

Does Tendonitis Ever Go Away?

Tendonitis is a painful condition that people can, unfortunately, experience. It can go away on its own, but you may require further treatment with a physical therapist. At Park Physical Therapy, we can treat your tendonitis to help get you back on track to doing the activities you love.  What is Tendonitis? Tendonitis is the inflammation or irritation of the tendons in your body. Tendons connect bone to muscle, helping to keep you moving. Tendonitis is more commonly caused by the repetitive, minor impact of doing specific occupations, hobbies, or athletics. These activities can include gardening, painting, throwing, and pitching. […]
June 1, 2021

Can You Strengthen Your Joints?

Can You Strengthen Your Joints? Maintaining strong and healthy joints throughout your lifetime is the key to longevity! The joints allow your body to move freely and enjoy your everyday life. At Park Physical Therapy, we place a strong emphasis on joint health. Our team of dedicated physical therapists will work closely with you to help you overcome any obstacles or pain you may face and help you find an effective exercise program to keep active.  How Can I Strengthen My Joints? The joints are a critical part of the body that can sustain wear and tear over time. The […]
May 10, 2021

Healthy Dieting Tips

Having a well-balanced and healthy diet provides numerous health benefits. With all the diet crazes circulating the internet, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. Our team at Park Physical Therapy would like to share some healthy dieting tips so that you can potentially achieve optimal wellness.  What is a Healthy Diet? A healthy diet is not about depriving yourself of the food you love or imposing strict limitations. It’s about improving your health, enhancing your mood, and having more energy. A healthy diet shouldn’t have to be complicated. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the […]
April 5, 2021
Physical therapy near Merrick, NY

What Are The Best Ways To Train In The Off-Season?

Every sport has an off-season. While this is a time for well-deserved physical and mental rest, off-season training is important for improving your condition and staying in shape. At Park Physical Therapy, our team can help you stay in shape and achieve peak performance when you return to your sport. If you are looking to start physical therapy near Merrick, NY, contact our team today. Please continue reading to learn more about some of the best ways to train during the off-season.  Training in the Off-Season When you’re an athlete, playing your primary sport year-round can demand a lot from […]
March 23, 2021

Exercises to Improve Core Strength

Exercises to Improve Core Strength Did you know that your core helps you accomplish even the most simple daily activities? Many people only do core exercises for “abs,” but a strong core is an essential asset. Maintaining a strong core can help with your balance and posture and help reduce back pain. At Park Physical Therapy, our team prides itself on providing high-quality and compassionate care. We want to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Please continue reading for some exercises that can likely improve your core strength.  Core Strengthening Exercises Your core is not solely composed of […]
February 16, 2021

What Are Common Work Injuries?

When you become injured at work, it is vital to seek treatment right away. Aside from just compensation and insurance purposes, getting fast treatment will allow you to spend less time injured and in pain. Here at Park Physical Therapy, we can help with this issue. Our team is well versed in treating the most common types of work injuries, meaning we can help you achieve a full recovery.  Common Work Injuries  Whether you spend your days walking through a construction site or spending time sitting behind a desk, the truth is anyone can get injured while working. From minor […]
January 29, 2021
Physical Therapy Near Amityville, NY

Physical Therapy For Tendonitis

At Park Physical Therapy, we know how important it is for patients to receive prompt medical care for the issues that they are facing. Those dealing with tendonitis shouldn’t feel like they need to go through this injury alone. Our staff is well versed in this condition and will provide physical therapy sessions near Amityville, NY, required to make a full recovery. To learn more about this issue and how our team can help, please contact our team. What Is Tendonitis? Tendons are fibrous tissues found in the body that connect muscles to bones. When these tissues are overused and […]