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At Park Physical Therapy, various types of back pain are a common reason patients need therapy. As there are so many different potential causes for back pain, it can often be difficult for the average person to understand and properly treat their back pain. When visiting us at our Massapequa location, patients will receive a full evaluation of their back pain.This will provide sufficient information for the physical therapist to accurately diagnose and treat the patient’s symptoms. As the back is used part of many everyday tasks, it is important for patients to have any type of back pain checked out, and possibly treated by a physical therapist.

There are many potential factors that can lead to back injuries. While some back injuries can stem from an accident for fall, others may slowly develop over time.  When visiting the physical therapist, the patient should thoroughly describe the type of back pain they are experiencing, as well as any related medical history. This will allow the physical therapist to determine the best treatment option for the individual’s situation.

Depending on the diagnosis of the patient’s back, there are a variety of techniques Park-PT uses to help patients relieve their symptoms. For muscle-related back pain such as aches, soreness, strains, or spasms, physical therapists can offer massage techniques, temperature therapy (ice or heat), or spinal manipulation. These, of many treatment options can help relieve many different types of back pain. For more spinal and nerve related back problems, Park PT can offer patients spinal realignment, relieve and strengthen the lower back, and relief for bulging and herniated disks. We can also help patients correct poor posture, which can lead to further back complications if neglected. And while certain major back problems may require surgery, Park PT offers post-surgical rehabilitation services for back procedures, as well as many other surgeries.