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Post Surgical Rehab

Did you or someone you know recently undergo surgery? If so, post-surgical rehabilitation is extremely beneficial for numerous reasons. While some surgeries may require physical therapy for a longer duration of time, physical therapy is an effective option. After the many hours spent in preparation for surgery, patients often overlook spending more time with a physical therapist post-surgery. The sooner you get started, the sooner it is effective!

Since each body and surgery is different, each program designed by the physical therapist is tailored specifically for that individual. At Park Physical Therapy, we have helped patients recover from surgeries of the back, hip, neck, knee and more!

The staff at Park Physical Therapy is full of experienced experts. Depending on the surgery, the duration of physical therapy will vary, however, patients often notice improvements after just one session! While post-surgical rehabilitation can have many benefits, a handful is listed below.

  • Promote healing: This can be to manage and minimize the scar tissue after the surgery, or even try to retrain a muscle!
  • Regain Mobility: Whether it’s a knee, hip, back or other surgery, your mobility will be affected making everyday tasks difficult.  Through stretches and exercise, they teach patients to regain full mobility.
  • Faster Recover: Here at Park Physical Therapy, we specialize in the recovery process of your body. Our programs work with the naturally healing of your body to promote the quicker and best recovery possible.
  • Control Pain and Swelling : The therapists are able to target exactly which part needs the therapy, relieving pain and swelling in the area.

We encourage you not to wait any longer to contact us about your post surgical recovery. In fact, the sooner we start working together after your surgery, the quicker and more effective the treatment can be. Call us today at 516-798-3789 and we would be happy to answer any questions!