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No Fault Insurance

At Park Physical Therapy, we accept a long list of insurances for our patient’s convenience.  We pride ourselves on helping as many patients ease their pain and discomfort as possible. Among this list of insurances, we proudly accept ‘ No- Fault ‘ insurance coverage.  No fault coverage is something available under the automobile insurance policy in New York as well as other states.

This no fault insurance policy is something that can cover you if you have been in an automobile crash, or even a pedestrian hit by a vehicle! The final goal of having no fault insurance is to have lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses due to the accident covered! Between the car, hospital bills, physical therapy bills, missed work and other results, automobile accidents can be extremely costly! In fact, without no fault insurance, most people would not be able to afford everything needed after an unfortunate accident!

Automobile accidents are one of the leading reasons people see a physical therapist! The cars colliding at such high speeds cause the body to jerk quickly, causing whiplash and other damage to the bones, muscles and joints. Physical therapy is known to be a highly effective way treat pain all around the body after a car accident. While healing the pain, we are also are able to reduce swelling and increase mobility.

If you or someone you are close to has been in a car accident and has no fault insurance, we encourage you to send them our way. At Park Physical Therapy, we develop unique programs to treat each individual’s symptoms.  With that, we create a relationship with our patients to ensure we are able to give them the highest level of care possible. Do not live in pain fearing the fees of a physical therapist, you could be covered here at Park Physical Therapy!