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Welcome to Park Physical Therapy

Located in Massapequa, New York, we have been providing physical therapy services to the community since 1993. Led by Raymond Cecora, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS, CPT, we aim to provide high quality and compassionate care. Our goal is to help you restore normal motion, strength, gait, balance, and overall function that has declined due to a condition or disease, safely and effectively.

We work closely with your orthopedist, neurologist, sports medicine doctor, dentist, physiatrist, osteopath, and/or primary care physician to plan and execute the most appropriate plan of care for you. Our services include treatment for a variety of orthopedic injuries, work-related injuries, total joint replacement rehab, automobile accidents, post-surgical rehab, sports injuries, injuries to the neck and back, vestibular disorders, balance training, gait training, neurological disorders, arthritis, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, and more. If you are looking for a physical therapist in Massapequa, NY, contact us today to see how we can help you!

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What People Are Saying…

  • “Everyone from the PT’s to the receptionists are amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. GIve them all a raise!!
  • Eleanor
    I am a patient that began physical therapy four weeks ago. I first met with Travis, who is so nice and caring. He made me feel very confident when I met with him. He answered all my questions, and even included diagrams to help with his explanation.   I am now in my fourth week of PT and feeling much better! Kudos to you to be able to have such a caring staff, that is so attentive to the patients' every movement. This is my fourth place that I've attended for various PT needs. By far, this is the best! The other places seemed to leave their patients on ignore. Your staff continually checks on patients and makes them feel like the only one in the room. Louis is very aware of the patients as well, and makes sure their needs are met.
  • Pat
    A special thanks to Mary and Carissa and Jack and Rachel and the office administrator! Sincerely, Pat
  • I accomplished maintaining a level of pain that can be managed- the help and instruction I received from the staff helped the progress and I learn what I was required to do. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you. Great group
  • OS
    I am a dancer and a gymnast, and I unfortunately dislocated my ankle during a routine practice over the summer. I went to Park PT to get treatment and the staff was kind, understanding and accommodating. I have since fully recovered from my injury and now am armed with preventative exercises to prevent this from being a recurring issue. Thanks so much!
  • Ray, Lou, and Heather were great, thank you
  • Tina
    Just a short note to express how impressed I am with the care you gave you gave my son, Paul. The way you poked, prodded, and examined him so thoroughly, is impressive. Equally impressive, however, is your diagnosis. You were the first person to acknowledge the fact that he is a competitive golfer and relate that to his condition. He has seen an orthopedist, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist, all of whom treated him without regard for a cause. When Paul reiterated to me that you explained to him about how his hip alignment was off due to his golf swing (showing me while doing the movement), I was flawed. To see him demonstrate this, it made sense how it would affect the entire right side of his body. This combined with the fact that he has been golfing since he was 7-years-old and is a caddy on weekends sometimes carrying two bags, 18 holes up and down hills, cannot help. So, just in case you don’t know how awesome you are, I thought I’d tell you. YOU ARE AWESOME! And, thank you. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to, examine and treat my Paul. I know he will finally soon find some relief.
  • Everyone was very friendly and did a great job. I stopped coming because my back/neck stopped hurting me.
  • Susan
    Treatment was wonderful. I had gotten sick and missed a few appointments and then I needed a new referral from the orthopedist that I put off. Time just flew by. Thank you for your caring treatment. I will be back after I see the orthopedic doctor.
  • Every Time I’ve been to P.T. Everyone is helpful and kind to me I want to thank everyone thanks
  • Physical Therapy staff very caring
  • Noreen
    I will never use anyone else. Ray and his staff made me feel very comfortable. Treatment was excellent they had me up and about in no time at all. It was a pleasure!
  • After treatments and learning exercises I felt I was able to continue on my own towards completing recovery. Received excellent treatment- no complaints.
  • SA
    I went to Park Physical Therapy with a torn ACL. I was nervous about starting therapy due to the intense pain I was experiencing on a daily basis, but I quickly became confident in the staff members, who were extremely attentive and considerate to my pain levels throughout our sessions. I would absolutely return if I am ever in need of therapy in the future.
  • I am a new patient at Park Physical Therapy. I want to be honest with you from the start. I never believed in physical therapy, as much as I believed in Chiropractors. When I separated my shoulder this past Sunday the Dr. advised me that I should get some PT. I was reluctant, but I did. I was all ready to tell you that I’m coming once or twice and that’s it. First was your receptionist Robin at the front desk.  Her first words were good morning and how do you feel today. This took my poor attitude and threw it out the window. I replied not so good, but thank you for asking. She then advised not to worry that they will take good care of me.  I smiled. She has been a pleasure every time I came in, and also remembered my name. That’s huge for me. Good morning Mr. C.  always sets the tone. The first day and each day after, I waited for about 3 min. Yes 3 min. and was taken inside. On the first day I was greeted by Mr. Travis Tennie, DPT. He sat me down and discussed in detail my injury and then explained what they can do for me. He was kind and professional to say the least. He brought me into a very clean and active PT area. I don’t need to go into details on the work he performed, but I can tell you I started to feel very comfortable there and relaxed. Just so you know I had a shoulder injury that has floored me. I was already feeling better with the work Travis was doing. The next DPT I met was a Mr. Jarrett Parks, what an absolute gentleman and professional. He was a great conversationalist. He made me feel very comfortable, constantly asking me how I was feeling and seeing if I was in any pain as he worked on me. I been back three times so far and I always was happy to have Jarrett work on my shoulder. This gentleman knows what he is doing and I can tell you he is one of the main reasons I want to go back. I explained to him that I was leaving for vacation, he made sure he gave me the correct exercises and treatments I can do myself while I was away. I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of the young man Jarrett but me with to show me the exercises, but I believe he was new and still in training. What I liked about him was he asked questions. That’s important. I am all about learning, but you can’t take chances with an injury. He spoke to all of the DPT’s there to make sure he was doing each one correctly on himself first, and then asked me to follow. I believe one of the guys he asks besides Jarrett was John (Jack) Bianchini, DPT, CSCS. He made sure that the exercises were correct. The professionalism at this PT was 100% and they even joked a bit which is helpful because all the patients are in some sort of pain, and laughing a bit helps with that. Even the owner Mr. Raymond Cecora, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS, CPT. (wow a lot of titles.!) kidded with me a bit as he was working on someone next to me. He made his staff feel comfortable and you can tell they all like working there. I must also point out that all the therapist talk to each other about what to do with certain patients. They are constantly teaching the newer therapists what and how to do things. Again this brings up your confidence in the staff. After three days I feel 80% better, and  all my attitude toward Physical therapy has changed forever. Thank you Park PT you are the best. P.S. I met a friend of the family there as well, I haven’t seen her in at least 5 plus years. She was a close friend of my sons.  Her name is Nicole Brock, DPT. Even though she was not able to work with me. I did watch her and see how nice she treated her patients. Always with a smile and always very concerned on their treatment. You can tell she was a professional. Thank you Park PT, thank you.
  • Helen
    I was in so much pain when I arrived. Jack was understanding, professional and extremely helpful. He took the time that was needed to get me back on track to feeling better. Thank You Jack!
  • Carmen S.
    I want to thank each and every one of you for the best PT care. You always do the best for your patients.
    Carmen S.
  • Richard Bonasera
    I wanted to send an Ultra Complimentary letter on behalf of  Kayla from the Massapequa office. I have noticed an amazing shift in her work and focus on the clients....everyone she addresses, not just me.
    I am always concerned that I am not doing my exercises correctly and they way Kayla showed me how to do my moves gave me Great Confidence  but more importantly  she has noticed if I am not following form correctly and has made many micro adjustments to set me straight..( up close or from across the room),,,I  have seen her do this  with everyone she encounters and the reaction from all of us is Unanimous
    She is going the Extra " 2 miles" and making sure we all have a great experience and we are doing our PT Correctly....what's the point in doing it if we aren't doing it correctly?
         She really has her eye on the ball ( and makes sure it's the right ball  hahaha...) and has Really Stepped up tremendously and I wanted this to be heard..... Loud and Clear
        She is setting a great example for everyone around her
    I feel lucky to have found your facility. Everyone there is  top notch.....
    Ps ...I  cant say Enough about Travis as well ....Hands of Platinum
    heart of Gold
    Richard Bonasera
  • Mike
    Can’t even tell you how incredible Jack was. Everyone that works there went out of their way. I was at the end of my rope with pain and was not ready for surgery. I can’t even believe I am pain free. Please tell Jack Thank You. I am finally working out again and feel great. Thank you all.
  • Matt
    I recently finished four weeks of PT at Park Physical Therapy and had an amazing experience. In early November, I tore my rotator cuff at work. I wrestle for WWE as Zack Ryder. I chose to try to avoid surgery by getting a stem cell injection and physical therapy. When I walked into Park PT, I couldn’t raise my arm in any direction. I met with Jack three times a week for four weeks. I now have full range of motion and am back to my normal workout routine. Jack is very knowledgeable and challenged me each session. The rest of the staff was very helpful and friendly. If I do end up needing surgery, I will definitely be going back to Park Physical Therapy.
  • Jessica Raphaël
    Thank you for the hard work you do every day to help others and facilitate people getting care for their physical needs. It brings to mind the Bible verse at Hebraeus 13:26: "Do not forget to do good and to share what you have with others, for God is well-pleased with such sacrifices." Thank you for being essential workers during the pandemic!
    Jessica Raphaël
  • Nicole
    My experience was wonderful. In the beginning it was hard but after 6 weeks all of you made me so much better. Now I have returned to gymnastics and could not be happier. Thank you all!
  • I thank all the members of the P.T. team for their attention and sensitivity. I was greatly impressed by the courtesy and thoughtfulness of the staff (PT) not only to the patients, clients but also toward each other… I did discuss my stopping the PT session with ray, I feel my arm has quite improved and felt that fourteen weeks with session- 2x a week was enough
  • Scott & Kristen Ditzel
    When we count our blessings we count you ALL twice! Thanks for everything you do!
    Scott & Kristen Ditzel
  • GI
    I went to see Ray at Park PT when I inherited a terrible groin sprain from playing lacrosse. He is a wonderful therapist- patient, kind, helpful and highly skilled. Thanks to Ray and his team, I am now fully recovered and back in the game!
  • Margaret
    Thank you for all you did to help me recover from the back pain I had. I was in so much pain when I started PT & with your help I am back to myself again. You all work so hard but really have a positive impact on people’s lives. 
  • Rochelle Davis
    I was recommended to your facility by Dr. Bruni at City MD after I had injured my arm. I was a bit apprehensive as I had never heard of you and did not know what to expect. Travis took my case and right from the beginning he was fantastic. His kindness and compassion were evident at our first consult and he has continued to exhibit these qualities each and every time. His encouragement and support have helped me improve week by week. He is personable and friendly throughout our "massage" time as well. Kudos to Travis for being a star in his field and kudos to you for hiring him!!
    Rochelle Davis
  • Christian - Carlos - Digua T.
    We don't know if we will be back into the office. But either way, we just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything. You all treat us so kindly and truly do appreciate it all! This has been a very hard time for our family and you guys make the process a lot smoother. Much love always, Christian - Carlos - Digua T.
    Christian - Carlos - Digua T.
  • Rosaria
    The staff is amazing, Would never consider going elsewhere. Thank You!!!
  • Thank you for all the help in my recovery. The staff made every visit feel as if I’m going to see an old friend. Thank you
  • Victoria
    Park Physical Therapy has consistently provided me with friendly, efficient, effective service. The office staff is unfailingly friendly and courteous; qualities which are rare commodities these days. The therapists and assistants care for patients with skill and compassion. I have watched them work with young athletes and elderly folks all with equal care and respect. Thank you a for your dedication.
  • Brenda
    I was very satisfied with my treatment plan. All the staff was very considerate and nice. Nicole was so awesome, top notch!! So sweet, but due to my job being a part time worker I was always called in for duty, made it very hard to come in for therapy. Nothing to do with place or staff. Everyone was nice!!
  • Patricia
    I would like to thank the friendly staff at park physical therapy (Massapequa) for being so caring, kind and professional. A special thanks to Jarrett for his expertise. I would recommend Park physical therapy.
  • AC
    I came to Park PT with a torn ACL and various other problems with my knee. I was in horrible pain and very unsure if I would ever be able to do the things I did before my injury. From day one of my physical therapy, I was given the confidence and the help to be able to bring my knee back to its full strength so I could get back to doing what I love, snowboarding.
  • Nicole
    Very good therapist. I had pain in my elbow while at therapy for my shoulder. She recommended I see a doctor in case it was a blood clot. She was correct after seeing my doctor they sent me for a sonogram and they found a blood clot! She is very good at at what she does!!! Thank You
  • Charles W
    It is with extreme satisfaction that I write to you today regarding your awesome Therapist, Joe. He is attentive, kind and knowledgeable. Plus, it's always clear that he genuinely does care and wants nothing more than to see his patients recover swiftly and appropriately. This is not my first time being a patient of Park Physical Therapy. I've been in and out for various reasons, and the staff is always wonderful. However, I attribute the fact that I still have four functional limbs to Joe. I wouldn't even consider going elsewhere. Long story short, Joe deserves as much praise as one can give and I thank him eternally.
    Charles W
  • Patti
    Please know my deep gratitude to you for all your caring help. Pass along to all the PT crew my appreciation for the help and fun the experience was.
  • Although I still have some aches I am improved since I have started. I have saved a couple of visits in case I need to tune up. Very satisfied, Nicole was great.
  • LS
    After suffering an injury playing soccer with some friends, surgery was the last thing I really wanted for my pulled hamstring. Ray was very attentive to my needs and concerns and helped me get back on the field. Hopefully I never need to go back, but would in a heartbeat if I was ever in need of PT.