December 9, 2014
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Holiday Mishap Prevention

Holiday Mishap Prevention Make the most out of this holiday season without having to wind up in the emergency room! The holiday season is one of the most injury prone times of the year, so make sure you stay accident free! Here are some frequent holiday injuries, mishaps, and tips to avoid them! Fires are one of the most common holiday mishaps. Make sure to avoid them by putting out fires in fireplaces after you are done. Fires to Christmas trees are very common as well. The most common instances occur because the Christmas tree lights catch on fire, as […]
December 2, 2014

Avoiding a Winter Back Injury

  Avoiding a Winter Back Injury One of the most common causes of back injuries during the winter month is snow shoveling. If you have knowledge of the best ways to remove snow without straining the back, this type of injury is preventable. Choose the right snow shovel. What helps take some of the efforts out of the dreaded snow removal chores is an ergonomic snow shovel. Requiring you to bend your knees only slightly and arch your back very slightly while keeping the shovel blade on the ground is a shovel that will minimize painful bending with a curved […]
November 25, 2014

Bouncing Back After Baby

Bouncing Back After Baby   Getting back into pre-pregnancy shape after baby. It’s something we all dread since we know it’s not as easy as it looks. We all see celebrities weeks after giving birth with washboard abs and sit there in envy. However, losing the weight that rapidly just isn’t realistic for most of us and the lifestyle we live.   Feeling like you gained a lot of baby weight? Relax, it’s normal! Most women gain between 15 and 40 pounds during pregnancy. According to leading doctors, post-pregnancy the average new mom should aim for losing 1-2 pounds per […]
November 18, 2014
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Alzheimer’s Awareness and How Physical Therapy Can Help

Alzheimer’s Awareness and How Physical Therapy Can Help November is Alzheimer’s disease awareness month, and for those of you who don’t know, it is a condition which affects 5% of Americans age 65 and older and is the fifth leading cause of death among senior citizens. This disease is the most common form of dementia, damaging brain cells and affecting how we speak, think, and interact with the world around us over time. Your risk of being diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease increases as you age, and having a relative with the disease can further increase your risk.   How Can a […]
November 11, 2014
Woman doing yoga

Healing Frozen Shoulder With Physical Therapy

Healing Frozen Shoulder With Physical Therapy The Cause From scar tissue, there is a stiffening of the shoulder and as a result, there is painful movement and a loss of motion. It is debatable on what exactly causes frozen shoulder. Some believe that it is caused by the body launching an attack against its own substances and tissues; this is called an autoimmune reaction. Others believe frozen shoulder is caused by the lining of the joint becoming inflamed. Physical Therapy A thorough evaluation will be performed by your physical therapist. To rule out other diagnoses, an extensive health history evaluation […]
November 4, 2014
fitness tracker

Why Using A Fitness Tracker is Best

Why Using A Fitness Tracker is Best Everyone is always concerned with their well-being, whether its trying to lose those extra few pounds, to watching what they eat, going to the gym, and overall just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Well, there is a fairly new and knowledgeable way to enhance your ability to do so: the fitness tracker. The fitness tracker is now an in trend, wrist-worn band that tracks metrics such as distance that is walked or run, calorie consumption, your heartbeat and quality of sleep. What could be better? Its an all in one product that […]
October 29, 2014

Benefit’s of Walking

Benefit’s of Walking Although walking may not seem like exercise because we do it every day, it has a vast array of health benefits. This everyday activity that most of us don’t even think about is actually very powerful. Unlike many other exercises, there is no equipment, training or experience necessary. You don’t even need to schlep to the gym if you don’t want to. Outdoors or in, this is as easy as it gets to significantly reduce and prevent certain ailments and increase overall health. You can’t hurt yourself or over-do it so why not start now? Walking positively […]
October 21, 2014

Healthy Fall Foods

Healthy Fall Foods The beginning of the Fall season brings with it a lot of new eating options. However, many of these options may not be healthy for you. Listed below are some fall-friendly foods that not only taste good but are good for you. Whether eaten raw or baked into a dish, apples are a healthy and satisfying option. They are full of antioxidants and contain 4 grams of dietary fiber; just make sure you eat the flavonoid-rich skin too! Brussel sprouts, when made correctly, can taste amazing. They’re packed with tons of vitamin K, folate and iron. Parsnips […]
October 14, 2014

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Now a days teenager texting rates and video game usage are on the rise. With the increase of new technologies such as iphones, video game releases, and laptops for taking notes in class, wrists are constantly moving and buttons are constantly being pushed. In fact, the average American teenager sends at least 60 text messages per day. While these new technologies are a great innovation, there is a major downfall…..teenage carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) rates are on the rise. Carpal tunnel syndrome used to mainly affect individuals in the workplace over the age of 30. However, there […]