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Rotator Cuff Injuries

An injury is the last thing any athlete wants to deal with. For many baseball players, swimmers, and tennis players injuring your rotator cuff is your worst nightmare. Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons located in your shoulder that help your shoulder with movement. The movement that your rotator cuff allows is crucial in many sports which is why it is important to get the right treatment for any injury to it that you may have.

A rotator cuff is made up of four tendons and muscles. These are responsible for any movement in your arm. Repetitive movements in this area of your shoulder can cause tears and swelling that can lead to further injury. Besides the repetitive motion of things such as throwing a fastball one too many times, there are other ways you can get tears to your rotator cuff. Using your arm to break a fall or lifting heavy weights can also be the cause of a tear to your rotator cuff. Aging can also cause a wear down of your tendons which will make you more prone to tearing your rotator cuff.

If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder but are unaware whether it is a rotator cuff injury or not, there are many common symptoms you should look for. If you are experiencing difficulty when trying to lift your arm over your head you may be suffering from a torn rotator cuff. Also, if you are unable to sleep on your side because of shoulder pain, you should see a doctor to find out if the cause of your pain is from your rotator cuff.

After your doctor visit, if you are diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury you should then consult a physical therapist. By seeing a physical therapist you will be able to strengthen your shoulder joint so that you can return to your sport. Most times you will not need surgery because tears in the rotator cuff tend to heal on their own. In the case that your injury is serious enough where you need surgery, a physical therapist will be your best asset to help you get back to your sports post surgery.

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