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October 14, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

October is National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month October is National Physical Therapy Month which means it’s the perfect time to think about feeling your best. At Park Physical Therapy, every month is Physical Therapy Month! Park PT provides hands-on treatments for your orthotic, spinal, or various neurological needs.   There are many benefits to physical therapy including avoiding painful surgeries and long recovery time. Physical therapy is proven to relieve pain and tension and allows patients to pick a recovery plan that is better suited to their specific injury. Physical therapists will use exercises and stretches that will improve mobility. The […]
October 7, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

What Happens To Your Back During a Car Accident

What Happens To Your Back During a Car Accident Every time you suffer an impact, from whatever angle your back (spine if you want to get technical) receives some of the impact as it is the primary structure in our body used for balance. Getting rear-ended often puts the brunt of an impact entirely on the spine usually causing whiplash, however in more severe accidents there are more serious injuries that your back might suffer. Ironically the spine is rather delicate despite it being pivotal to absorbing impact, which is why after every car accident some form of back injury […]
October 3, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Common Fall Sports Injuries

Common Fall Sports Injuries It’s not so much about where you fall as it is where you land, unfortunately when playing a sport you rarely have control of either. Controlling a fall is easier said than done and even if you could competently choose which limb to take the brunt of the fall you’re still going to run the risk of trauma or hematoma. The immediate effects of taking a fall is dislocation typically the hip or shoulder joint as a result of landing on an outstretched arm or hip.  Assuming that you will never have an injury throughout the […]
September 22, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Chondromalacia and Physical Therapy

Chondromalacia and Physical Therapy Young adults who regularly exercise or participate in sports may complain about knee problems from time to time. Don’t ignore the warning signs of knee pain, your loved one could be suffering from Chondromalacia. Chondromalacia Patellae also known as “runner’s knee” is a condition where the cartilage between the femur and tibia weaken and deteriorate to a point where the bones of the knee begin to grind together causing pain.  This condition is commonly found in teenagers, young adults, and the elder generation who suffer from arthritis. The younger generations are affected do to participation in […]
September 15, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Physical Therapy in Massapequa Injuries sometimes require more to heal than simply waiting for the pain to dissipate. Whether you have had a fracture or sprained ankle to prevent a resurgence or even exacerbation of an injury rehabilitation may be necessary. Ailments obtained from sports, work, or even surgery all better stand to be corrected rather than neglected until the pain subsides, this much most people can agree with, however even remaining idle too long can cause injury as well.   What We Treat Physical therapy is typically thought to be reserved for athletes and people engrossed in manual labor, […]
September 8, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Body Conditioning for Soccer

Body Conditioning for Soccer Soccer is known as “football” in South America, is a sport that is played around the world and is one of the most popular sports out there. Playing soccer requires a wide range of fitness skills using various parts of the body, not just your feet. The focus of soccer coaches is mainly geared towards skill development and endurance training. Both are important for athletes to practice but their are other factors to take into consideration for soccer players. Strength is often viewed of little importance in soccer, unlike in football. Soccer players need to be […]
September 1, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

The Benefits of Pre-Rehab for Total Joint Replacement

The Benefits of Pre-Rehab for Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitation is typically received after the surgery is done however some doctors are now recommending “prehab.” Prehab is a fairly new concept to many that start therapy programs at least six weeks before surgery begins. Starting on rehab sooner can help patients to recover sooner and improve their outcome. The benefits of utilizing rehab techniques prior to surgery can sometimes be seen 24 hours after surgery. Park Physical Therapy located in Massapequa treats a variety of orthotic injuries including total joint replacement. Therapists at Park Physical Therapy recommend patients receiving rehabilitation before […]
August 24, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

What is gait training?

What is gait training? A new style of therapy that is being used today is gait training. A lot of people may be wondering what exactly gait training is. Gait training is a type of physical therapy that helps improve your ability to walk and primarily focuses on walking as the type of exercise. It is a very important and beneficial type of training for those who suffer from having trouble walking or balancing themselves. Gait training can be recommended for anyone who has experienced an injury or illness, especially those that affect one’s ability to walk easily and balance. […]
August 17, 2016
Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Common car accident injuries and how Physical Therapy can help

Common car accident injuries and how Physical Therapy can help Car accidents happen everyday and can cause many different types of injuries to almost every part of your body. The extent of these injuries can vary based on the circumstances of the crash and the severity. If you are ever in a car accident and sustain an injury having a physical therapist to help along with recovery is an important step.  Physical therapists can do many things for you and will help get you back to your normal self as quickly as possible. Some of the most common injuries that […]