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What Is Gait Training?

One of the most important services a physical therapist can offer his or her patient is gait training. Gait training can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of injuries. Patients who have suffered from strokes, broken legs, knee replacements, joint injuries, or other injuries can all benefit from receiving gait training from their physical therapist. Come to our physical therapy in Massapequa and get treated today!

If you find yourself in a situation where you need help standing or walking properly, then gait training is something you should consider. The primary goal of gait training is to prevent the patient from falling in the future. By decreasing the chance of falls in patients, the chance of further injury will also be decreased. Physical therapists will recommend gait training to their patients whose walking ability has been negatively affected. You will also be recommended for gait training if you are at risk to become immobile. Instead of being immobile, your physical therapist will help you learn to walk again so that you will become physically active again.

Gait training works by strengthening your muscles and joints and by retraining your legs for repetitive motion. By retraining your legs for a repetitive motion, such as walking, you will begin to develop muscle memory. You will also notice more endurance, better balance, and an improved posture. All of these things will help you walk better and reduce the risk of falling. Gait training will also help you to reduce the risk of other illnesses, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

If you do find yourself in a position where gait training is needed your physical therapists will give you different activities to help you improve your health. Your activities may involve machines that will help you walk safely. This may include being harnessed into a treadmill so that you do not fall. You will also do training that involves walking over objects that are on the ground, standing, and lifting your leg. The exercises that you will do and the duration that you will do them for will all depend on your individual situation.

If you have recently experienced an injury that has affected your ability to walk or stand properly, contact your physical therapist right away and ask them about the many benefits of gait training!

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