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There is plenty of controversy surrounding prescription opioids largely in part of their tendency to affect parts of the brain that reign over emotions. Opioids are prescribed to people who have intense chronic pain caused by various conditions. Prescribing opioids has become more frequent as a pre-surgery treatment, even for pain and conditions that are less severe which has lead to a serious addiction epidemic. Opioids are not meant to provide relief for pain in the long-term and are recommended for short-term use without being monitored. Don’t take a risk with taking medication; choose our physical therapy in Massapequa to get the best treatment!

The risks of opioids range outside of addiction, as people are often tempted to sell prescription opioids to others in order to turn a profit. Opioid addiction is a frequent occurrence with heroin having an almost 25% chance of addiction. Despite the addictive nature of opioids the amount of prescription opioids written for U.S. Americans in 2012 was 259 million, which surpasses the entire adult population of the country. In recent years doctors are writing less prescriptions for opioids as more advisories against using them became more frequent.

This year has seen a severe drop in the amount of prescription opioids largely in part of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releasing guidelines to prescribing opioids. For long-term amelioration of chronic pain physical therapy is advised as an alternative for opioids because long-term opioid use requires heavy moderation and screening.

At our physical therapy in Massapequa, Park Physical Therapy has a variety of programs available for people experiencing chronic pain, which can assist you with long-term pain relief and rehabilitation of injuries. Consult your physician to see If your pain is treatable by other means apart from opioids and attempt to take every precaution to avoid requiring prescription opioids.