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If you have suffered from a calf strain and are in need of physical therapy in Massapequa, NY, our experienced team at Park Physical Therapy is here to help. Our expert staff can help you excel through your recovery process and get you back out there playing the sport you love and living a comfortable life! 

Common Signs of Calf Strains

Calf strains are when the two muscles within your lower leg that make up your calf are pulled (the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles). This usually occurs when your internal muscles are overworked, often coming from exercise among various kinds of athletes. Symptoms of a calf strain can depend on how you received your injury and how severe it is. Common signs can include some of the following: 

  • Mild swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Inability to stand on the ball of the foot

Treatment of Calf Strains

If left untreated, a calf strain can cause further complications such as sharp pain and strenuous difficulty while walking. Calf strains can become inconvenient and get in the way of your everyday activities and athletic performance. For mild cases of a strained calf, the treatment that can be done at home may include the following:

  • Heating pads
  • Leg rests
  • Ice or cold compresses

Stages of Calf Strains

There are different stages of a calf strain, and it is important to know the severity of your strain so it does not progress. The different grades of calf strains make up of the following 3 types: 

  • Grade 1: Mild pain, slight disability, and may limit your level of activity minimally.  
  • Grade 2: Moderate discomfort when walking or running, may have trouble engaging in activities such as jumping and running, and may experience some bruises and swelling.
  • Grade 3: Severe injury that leads to the inability to walk, and can also include swelling and other complications.

How Physical Therapy in Massapequa, NY can help!

One of the best methods for treating a calf strain is pursuing physical therapy with a certified physician. You should see a physical therapist if you are experiencing difficulty walking, have pain at night, or pain while sitting and resting. Park Physical Therapy in Massapequa, NY, can help treat your calf strains and get you back to feeling healthy and capable. At Park PT, we will personally work with you and teach you exercises to help treat your calf strain and increase injury prevention. Some exercises that physical therapy can help you with may include the following:

  • Calf Stretches
  • Toe Dips
  • Heel Cord Stretch

Park Physical Therapy in Massapequa, NY

Park Physical Therapy provides patients with same-day care. If you come in with calf pain, we will provide same-day care to get you back to feeling your best! You will be evaluated and treated by a team of doctors and physical therapists. At Park Physical Therapy, we will personally work with you to get a speedy recovery. Our goal is to treat you in a timely fashion, and ensure that you leave our doors with full function of your injured area.  Make an appointment for physical therapy in Massapequa, NY today and get started on your recovery!