Physical Therapy in Massapequa

National Childhood Obesity Month: How Physical Therapy can help you get your body on track!

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. It is always important to take the time to examine you and your child’s nutrition and physical routines, and this month is the perfect time to start if you haven’t done so in the past. Staying active is a vital way to reduce the likelihood that you or your child ends up overweight as well as helping with weight loss for those already overweight.

For some people suffering from obesity, physical activity is a difficult and painful process. Without fully understanding the impact of specific activities on your bones and joints, you can be doing more harm to your body than good.

The key component is prevention in avoiding long term physical issues due to obesity. Visiting a physical therapist can be an integral component to weight loss through exercise, as he or she will guide you through an exercise routine that will be safe for your joints and will adhere to your long term goals.

A physical therapist can help reduce pain as well as improve all over movement, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and posture, thereby making physical activity a regular part of your lifestyle. Most patients see improvement as they move through these sessions. A physical therapist can help you or your child find beneficial physical activity that is right for you outside of these sessions. Building physical exercise habits at a young age will help children fight against obesity in the long term.

Obesity prevention is just as important in adults as it is in children. Gone are the days of joint pain and back pain being relegated to adults. The prevalence of obesity is creating issues for the young and old alike. Visiting a physical therapist is one of the first major steps in weight loss reduction as well as prevention of long-term issues for obese adults and children.

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