Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Holiday Mishap Prevention

Make the most out of this holiday season without having to wind up in the emergency room! The holiday season is one of the most injury prone times of the year, so make sure you stay accident free! Here are some frequent holiday injuries, mishaps, and tips to avoid them!

Fires are one of the most common holiday mishaps. Make sure to avoid them by putting out fires in fireplaces after you are done. Fires to Christmas trees are very common as well. The most common instances occur because the Christmas tree lights catch on fire, as well as the Christmas tree being near something heated. To avoid accidents, make sure that when you are not home, you turn all Christmas lights off to avoid potential dangers.

Mistletoe and other holiday plants make for great decoration; however, if they are eaten. they are extremely poisonous. Make sure that when you decorate with them, they are out of the reach of small children and animals!

Lastly, falls are extremely common. Whether it be when you are hanging the holiday wreaths, decorating the Christmas tree, or participating in a snow sport, make sure to take precautions to avoid falling and injuries. Make sure to wear protective footwear, and that if you are doing a snow sport, your equipment fits yours properly. If you are hanging something, make sure you are on a level surface, to avoid falling.

If any injury is to occur, be sure to go to a physical therapist and get it checked out. Stay safe and have a great holiday season!


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