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Vestibular Physical Therapy in Massapequa Park

Although it may not sound like a common practice, vestibular rehabilitation is one of the most important treatments when improving balance and symptoms from vertigo and other conditions. Park Physical Therapy in Massapequa practices this type of therapy and can improve the quality of everyday life for those suffering from various conditions.

Vestibular physical therapy can improve various aspects of everyday life if performed correctly. A person suffering from a balance disorder such as vertigo can find it difficult to go about their day with any sense of normalcy. Vertigo can give the illusion of the room spinning, affecting everything from balance to posture. After an evaluation of a patient’s current abilities, the professionals at Park Physical Therapy can tailor a personalized vestibular therapy program aiming to improve posture, decrease the sensation of nonequilibrium, and improve visual focus, among other benefits. Patients with long-term, unresolved disorders can benefit greatly from this type of treatment.

Vestibular physical therapy can help various disorders and go a long way in improving balance and combating symptoms of vertigo. The professionals at Park Physical Therapy provide optimal care to every patient, treating them like their own, and their vestibular physical therapy can change a patient’s life.

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