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The Differences Between Ankle Sprains and Strains

While they sound similar, ankle sprains and strains are significantly different in how they occur. An ankle sprain happens when the ligaments in the fibrous tissues stretch or tear. Ankle strains, however, are caused when the muscle or tendon stretches or tears. In both cases, it is recommended to treat this condition with compression, elevation, ice and rest. If the injury is worse than mild, you may require surgery. If you’re recovering from a sprain or strain, our physical therapy in Massapequa can give you the help you need today!

For both ankle sprains and strains, a physical therapist will work with you to improve your ability to perform certain functions that this injury would affect. For example, you may do exercises that focus on improving flexibility, strength and motion in the ankle as well as build back any agility that you lost. In addition to this, your physical therapist will provide you with a program that you can do at home that includes stretching and strengthening exercises. This can help speed up the recovery process.

Another effective way to treat ankle sprains and strains is to reduce the risk of suffering from one. While this may not help when you already have this injury, this can be useful in preventing it from returning. Some recommended actions could be to keep yourself at a healthy weight or even warm up before you do a specific activity. Doing strength and balance exercises multiple times a week can also be effective in preventing this type of injury.  

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