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The Benefit of Plyometrics

Getting results from simple exercises requires strict commitment and steady set progression. The commitment to exercises is equal in effect to the intensity of the exercises; however, building strength on a tight schedule often proves to be more difficult than crash training sessions. Adapting high intensity routines that does not require expensive equipment or a gym membership provides a means to lessen the frequency of your exercise routine and still get consistent results.

Plyometrics is an exercise routine involving jumping to simultaneously stretch and contract muscles. This form of exercise is primarily used for strength training and it puts a considerable amount of pressure on your legs when performed, so it is advised that you do not perform plyometric routines daily because of the intensity of the exercises.

A plyometric routine is not used to improve arm strength, it is primarily used by people who want to improve their balance and lower body strength. The areas which plyometric routines affect the most are glutes, legs, and the lower back; however, plyometrics are excellent preliminary exercises for cardio workouts since it bolsters strength and stretches muscle.

Applying a consistent plyometric routine is extremely difficult for the uninitiated fortunately a physical therapist can instruct on how to properly apply these exercises without causing damage to your legs and back. Whether you are intent on improving balance simply for your own sake or for a competitive sport consider advisement before attempting a plyometric routine.

At Park Physical Therapy plyometrics are included within their balance training regimen and with the help of experienced therapists you can learn to make the most out of these difficult exercises. Park Physical Therapy is located at Massapequa on Merrick Road, if you are nearby and find that you could benefit from improved balance look into consulting one of their therapists about enrolling in the balance training program.