Spring Sports – What You Need to Know About Concussions

One of the best things about the end of the winter for athletes and weekend warriors alike is that it marks the beginning of Spring sports season. Spring boasts a number of different sports and is a popular time for non-athletes to trim the fat and get back into shape after a long and sedentary winter. There are plenty of ways for people whether you are an athlete or weekend warrior, to get back in shape after a long period of time in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming Spring sports season. Avoiding concussions, however, is very important as we are learning more and more of the damage that can be done in both the short and long term.

Baseball is one of the most popular spring sports, and few things can top the crack of the bat and the smell of hot dogs and beer quite like our national pastime. Unfortunately, for those playing the field, there are many concussion risks. One of the scariest parts of baseball is the line drive back to the pitcher, as many professionals and amateurs alike have sustained concussions due to this play. Fastballs whizzing in at 85-90 mph can do permanent damage if you are hit in the head. In order to ensure your safety on the diamond, wear a double-flap helmet, preferably with a cage to protect your face, and stay aware on the field as slow reaction make a difference when it comes to injury.

Soccer is another popular Spring sport where you must worry about concussions. Bouncing the ball off your head is a very popular technique in soccer, and while there is a certain way to do it, getting hit can result in injury if you are not prepared for it. Tripping and hitting your head on the ground or getting kicked accidentally have also been the cause of many injuries on the field and it is always a good idea to exercise caution. If you are hit in the head, there is a particular concussion protocol to follow and it is highly recommended you leave the field if you even suspect a head injury and visit a doctor immediately.

The threat of concussions should not hinder you from playing sports, but the best way to avoid it is to always pay attention and stay alert on the field. If you do sustain a concussion, it is very important to leave the game immediately and seek medical help. If the situation unfortunately arises, physical therapy can be a great option for those who suffered a head injury or concussion.

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