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Running on the Beach

As the summer draws near, many people are looking for ways to exercise outside. Gyms are nice but people don’t want to sacrifice time outside in the beautiful summer weather. Running on the beach is a great way to increase endurance and burn calories while enjoying the summer on the beach.

The advantages of running on the beach go well beyond the location. Because the sand is soft, runners must exert more force than they do on solid surfaces. This makes running on the beach a strenuous but also efficient workout. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase speed, or build muscle, this form of exercise is sure to bring you results.

Some professional athletes such as NBA star Blake Griffin and first-round NFL draft pick Johnny Manziel often train on the beach during their offseasons. It is much easier to run on a turf football field or a wooden basketball court after training for months in the soft sand. Running barefoot on the sand also helps to strengthen the stabilizing muscles around the ankles and knees. Strengthening these muscles can reduce the chances of knee or ankle injuries during the season.

Despite all the positives to running on the beach, there are some potential drawbacks. The same forces that can strengthen the stabilizing muscles around the knees and ankles can also put a great deal of pressure on the knees and ankles themselves, which can lead to injury. Other overuse related injuries including shin splints and stress fractures have been linked to running on the beach as well.

Although there are some possible negatives to running on the beach, overall it is a great way to exercise. Like anything else, too much of it can lead to problems. The key is to run on the beach in moderation and stop if you are in pain. This form of exercise can be a great way to get in shape this summer and enjoy the beach at the same time.