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Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Proper Footwear for Different Sports

Not all footwear is created equal! The types of athletic shoes vary widely because each is designed to ensure that the athlete operates at peak performance while playing the game. So, how do you know which shoes will serve you best during the game? We recommend that you see your shoes as specific tools for getting a job done. Use your running shoes for running, just as you would use a saw to cut a piece of wood, and know that Park Physical Therapy is always available to assist the members of our Massapequa community in making the choices that are right for them.

The first step in selecting the right athletic shoe is to understand the type of sport for which you would be using it. Sports such as basketball, tennis, and track and field require athletes to change speed and direction quickly and utilize footwear with increased flexibility and shock absorption as a result. Meanwhile, field sports, including soccer, baseball, and golf, require the athletes to stand their ground in grassy, uneven terrain, mandating that they have cleats on the bottoms of their shoes.

Once you choose your sport, attention must be turned to your feet. We at Park Physical Therapy in Massapequa are happy to perform foot evaluations so that you can get a better idea of how your feet should react to being in the shoes for long periods of time. We advise that:

  • Your shoes feel comfortable right away.
  • You measure your foot often to make sure the shoes still fit.
  • You shop at the end of the day so that you understand how your foot will feel in the shoe after playing the sport.

If you are wearing the right shoes for your daily activities and are still experiencing foot discomfort, a visit with Park Physical Therapy in Massapequa may be your best bet. A physical therapist will be able to examine your foot and ankle’s condition in order to provide strengthening exercises as well as recommendations for proper walking techniques including footwear.

The key to shopping for athletic footwear is to be specific. Know the purpose for which you are shopping, and stay true to your individual comfort level. We take pride in providing members of our Massapequa community with top-quality physical therapy because we are helping them lead active lives, and we can do the same for you. Contact us when you have questions about athletic footwear.