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Preventing Sports Injuries And Pain

No matter where you rank on the athletic scale, by the time spring rolls around, you’re likely at a higher risk of injury. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent and treat injuries associated with spring sports. This season, our team at Park Physical Therapy is here to keep you safe and stay playing at your best! Continue reading to learn more. 

Preventing Sports Injuries And Pain

Participating in seasonal sports and recreational activities are great ways to keep up a healthy and active lifestyle, but injuries unfortunately occur. Recovering from a sports injury means pain, inconvenience, and sitting out from the activities you enjoy. Our team at Park Physical Therapy is here to help you stay safe this season with the following spring injury prevention tips:

  • Stay in Shape – Your exercise intensity ramps up when the athletic spring season begins. Inactivity during the winter can take a toll on your body and leave you unprepared to meet the requirements of your spring sports. Our team can help you start your sport-specific training slowly to avoid overuse injuries and keep your body in peak condition all year round. 
  • Eat Right – Following a healthy diet is essential for staying in top shape all year round. Athletes who eat a highly-processed diet will not have the proper fuel to perform at their highest level and maybe set themselves up for future injury or pain. Eating a balanced diet can help decrease your likelihood of becoming injured and keep your body in shape. 
  • Use Proper Technique – Proper body mechanics and alignment prevent injuries, save energy, and increase efficiency. Our team can educate you on proper form and mechanics during your physical therapy sessions and show you exercises that strengthen vital muscle groups needed for your sport. 

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At Park Physical Therapy, our team is here to help you prepare for the upcoming spring sports season and perform at your best! To discover more sports injury prevention tips or schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us today!