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Your cardiovascular health should be a priority all year round. One of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of heart disease is to get active. Given that February is American Heart Month, our team at Park Physical Therapy would like to discuss how physical therapy can improve your cardiac health and overall wellness. Continue reading to learn more. 

Heart Healthy Exercise

Heart problems are the leading cause of death in America, so it’s crucial to prioritize your heart health. Fortunately, many forms of heart disease are preventable. If you have cardiovascular disease, our physical therapists can work with you to keep it from worsening. We can also help your risk of developing heart disease by improving your exercise capacity, strength, endurance, and overall well-being. At Park Physical Therapy, we’ll evaluate your condition and assess your lifestyle to determine the best long-term plan to improve your cardiac health. Here are some of the ways that physical therapy can help your heart:

  • Improved Strength – PT can help strengthen your body and heart after a cardiac event. 
  • Pain Relief – If you suffer from chest pain and other heart-related symptoms, PT can help. 
  • Improved Wellness – We can help you build healthier lifestyle habits such as eating healthy, getting more active, and quitting smoking. 
  • Stress Reduction – Stress heavily influences your heart health. Physical therapy treatments can help provide stress relief and take some burden off of your heart. 
  • Lowered Blood Pressure – PT exercises can help improve your endurance and lower your blood pressure at rest and when active. 

If you are interested in trying physical therapy to improve your cardiovascular health, our team can help you get started. Our programs are designed to help gradually build your cardiac health and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into your daily routine. 

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Even if you haven’t experienced a serious heart-related issue, physical therapy is essential to adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle. Our physical therapists at Park Physical Therapy are movement experts that will create a specific heart-healthy exercise program for your particular needs. Targeted physical therapy for heart disease is crucial for prevention and recovery. Be sure to contact our team today to learn more or schedule an appointment!