Healthy Fall Foods

The beginning of the Fall season brings with it a lot of new eating options. However, many of these options may not be healthy for you. Listed below are some fall-friendly foods that not only taste good but are good for you.

  • Whether eaten raw or baked into a dish, apples are a healthy and satisfying option. They are full of antioxidants and contain 4 grams of dietary fiber; just make sure you eat the flavonoid-rich skin too!
  • Brussel sprouts, when made correctly, can taste amazing. They’re packed with tons of vitamin K, folate and iron.
  • Parsnips are rich in potassium, as well as being a good source of fiber. We recommend using them to flavor potatoes or rice.
  • Pears, in addition to being a sweet and juicy treat, are also rich in vitamin C and copper.
  • Pumpkins are great for making jack-o-lanterns, but they also have incredible health benefits. These fall favorites are high in potassium, fiber and B vitamins.
  • Packing more nutrition than their white counterparts, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A and iron, as well as having anti-inflammatory benefits.

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