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Physical Therapy in Massapequa

Exercise Benefits Beyond Body Shape

For many of us, the motivation to workout lies in our desire for a lean, fit body. This consideration is heavily in mind given the upcoming bathing suit weather. Yet there are other reasons we should feel inclined to exercise our bodies. We can do more than sculpt our outside appearance- we can also enhance our inner selves.

Stress. Put plainly, working out reduces stress. Exercise offers us the opportunity to blow off steam and pent-up energy. It can tire our bodies in a healthy manner and put our minds at ease.

Mood. Everyone loves those endorphins. Exercising fosters the release of endorphins that lift and stabilize our moods. The release of endorphins during exercise is so substantial that it’s been proven to help those struggling with anxiety and depression.

Nature. Making time to exercise gives us a chance to head outdoors and spend more time in nature, which can have a relaxing and calming effect on both our mood and stress level. It also lets us enjoy the warmer seasons despite our busy schedules and indoor work lives.

Memory. Exercise has been linked to better memory functions, including muscle memory. People who are learning a new instrument or activity that involves coordination can benefit from physical exercise.

Cognition. Physical activity can keep our brains sharp and optimize our cognitive functions. Exercise boosts brain chemicals that fight degeneration.

Sleep. Exercise now to benefit later when you’re trying to sleep. People who engage in more physical activity are less likely to suffer from insomnia and more likely to enjoy a deeper sleep.

Immune System. Physical activity can heighten your body’s ability to fight off illnesses.

There’s more to physical activity than achieving the desired body shape. Given the nature of our sedentary society, exercise is more important than ever if we wish to optimize and maintain our body’s functions. Be motivated by both the short and long-term benefits of exercise that can help us lead balanced, vigorous lives.