Joint Replacement

Are you preparing for or recently had Joint Replacement surgery? Are you searching for the best ways to recover in order to get yourself back on your feet as quickly as possible? If so, our Physical Therapists in Massapequa will guide you through the rehabilitation process to help you get back to your everyday activity.

It is highly suggested that before your surgery you prepare for it by doing something called Prehab. Prehab will help prepare your muscles, tissues, and joints for the surgery in order to make the recovery process much quicker and smoother. Some Prehab techniques include:

  • Eating healthy to begin the healing process
  • Losing extra weight which will decrease the amount of pressure you put on the new joint after surgery
  • Exercise to increase flexibility, motion, and balance

How Can Rehab With Our Physical Therapist in Massapequa Help You Recover After Joint Replacement Surgery?

  • Rehab helps you get back to normal movement in your joint. Even within the first couple of months of rehab after surgery, your range of motion will be much better than before.
  • Rehab rebuilds strength in the muscles that surround your joint. If you worked through a daily checklist of targeted exercises before surgery, you’re already halfway there. Rehab will help repair tissue and regain muscle that was lost.
  • Rehab will help you deal with pain. Our Physical Therapist in Massapequa will give you exercises to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as teaching you proper icing and elevation techniques.
  • Rehab will improve your circulation. This will help prevent issues with blood clots and prolonged bruising.

Our Massapequa Physical Therapists at Park Physical Therapy wants your recovery to be as quick and painless as possible. Stop by our office on Merrick Road or call us at 516-798-3789 to help get you back on your feet in no time.